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We also support Legacy systems by Avaya & Nortel (see list below) 

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For over twelve years, IP Office Techs has been providing sales & service directly to businesses across the US. We also support our fellow Avaya business partners with remote support and training. Our techs are experts in Avaya IP Office (IP400, IP500 and the new Server Edition), VoIP using Star2Star's award winning Hosted Hybrid architecture, and Nortel phone systems.

We want you as a client! 

IP Office Techs believes in Choices.  When providing a quote, we will supply two different quotes based on your input, to give you a choice of the best system and architecture to fit your needs and your budget. We offer outright purchases as well as systems with little or no downpayment.

If you already have a system and you would like us to service it, fill in our New Customer Form 

If you are requesting a quote on a new or replacement phone system, fill in our Quote Design Form 

While we are centrally located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, our extensive network of technicians and installers can provide service and installation anywhere in the US.  If you would like a quote on a new system, upgrade, additional phones, or programming support, please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop an email to service@ipofficetechs.com

We can also move your current phone system (and save a bundle) or install a system you purchased online or from another company. 

We offer premise-based Avaya IP Office Systems or the award winning Star2Star Hosted Systems to fit every budget and need.  Consider a brand new pbx with the lastest release software, along with modern color display VoIP Phones, such as the ones shown here. Accessing new features is easy, and very stylish also!


For Avaya and Nortel systems. if you need remote support or programming for your phone system and related network equiptment, we can provide it. 

Everyone at IP Office Techs understands phone systems inside out - and how to translate that knowledge into terms you can understand, whatever your experience in telecom.

Our Sales Engineers have always started out in programming or field installation and service.  That's how we keep projects running smoothly as planned and on budget, while also providing excellent communication with our customers. 

Our primary Avaya products are the Avaya IP Office, we are also fluent in the IP400 (older IP Office), IP500V2 (current) and the Server Edition, which is typically used in multi site locations or those customers with a focus on VoIP telephony.  

Early on, we have supported Nortel phone systems and continue to service these systems as long as parts are available.

All major credit cards are accepted

We provide Installation, Design, Service, and Maintenance of the following phone systems:

We also conduct training on Avaya Systems to users and administrators of these platforms, giving them the hands-on experience to become proficient with the system. This can be done over the phone with a remote connection to your network or on-site. Call (888) 530-9112 for availability and details.

We have many satisfied customers and would like to add you as well. We can provide relevant referrals from a company similar to yours upon request.

We hope to be your source for voice and data systems. Besides voice and data, we are also representatives of the major telephone service providers. We can typically save our customers 30% or more off their present bill. We can offer service with innvoative package deals using one internet "pipe" for both your voice and data, and include flexibility and feature enhancements as well. We represent over 25 major carriers in the US including EarthLink, Comcast and Time Warner Business Class to name a few.

IP Office Techs looks forward to working with you soon, please call (888) 530-9112 to speak to one of our Technical Gurus today!

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Can't get fast relaible service from your current Avaya Partner? 

We can service all Avaya IP Office Systems, no matter who has installed it.  We can tidy up the programming, repair or replace parts, troubleshoot phone company issues, set up features you did not know existed, and all done quickly at a reasonable rate. Fill out our form or call us at 414.431-4777.

Please fill out our new customer form to start with us even faster!  We call even on weekends!  Click the below link

New Customer Form 

Our Own YouTube Channel

Since 2017, we have complete sets of videos that mirror our in-person training classes.  Visit the page here.

IP Office Server Edition

Not only do we sell and support it, we live it.  Our office runs on Server Edition. This server based platform is designed for the new world of VoIP telephony and interconnected sites. It is managed from a single menu-driven  console with seamless connections between sites.  And did we forget to mention collaboration?  


We Now Sell and Support Mitel VoIP Phone Systems!

Call us to get a quote or service for your Mitel 5000 or MiVoice 50 System.

New Customers Wanted

We want you as our customer. Did you know top Avaya Business Parters call us to to provide technical services for their own customers?  Why not go direct! Fill out our 

Easy Web Form and check off what you are interested in. We'll call you back real soon. 

Huge IPO Download Site

Checkout our new downloads site - sales materials, technical docs - the works, all organized for ease in finding what you need.  ipoffice-service.com

Remote Support

We can help you program your system remotely, no matter where you are!  Check out our Remote Support  page.

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IP Office Release 11

More Choices

When you ask us to provide a quote we can prepare two or three different quotes for any budget requirements. 

We'll quote on a new system, using all-new components and phones or a combination of new and gently used off-lease components. Off-lease phones are fully upgradable to the newest relase IP Office and  provide a very affordable system package.

If you have an older Nortel or Norstar system we can suggest upgrades to your existing system. You can even use your Nortel phones on a new or off-lease Avaya IP Office!  

Lease a System

Competitive Lease Plans Now Available!


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