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IP Office Productivity Profiles gives added benefits to users of the IP Office System based upon the role or level of use with the phone system. The ability to have the needed tools to work from home (teleworker), be a road warrior (mobile user), or function as a busy executive (power user) are all part of the added benefits of choosing IP Office. Explore the profiles below to see what enhannced features are available.

Mobile Worker - Teleworker - Office Worker - Power User - Receptionist

IP Office - Mobile Worker Preferred

One Number Access For Employees On the Road


For staff who are often out of the office, but don’t require a laptop, IP Office Mobile Worker Preferred (available with IP Office Preferred Edition and Advanced Edition) keeps them readily accessible. 

Staff give out just one phone number – their office number – and calls ring simultaneously on their mobile device, making it easy for customers, colleagues and vendors to reach them wherever they are.


  • Manage your office from your mobile device – Provide customers and others with just your office phone number and have all calls ring simultaneously on any other phone (mobile, remote office, home), eliminating missed calls when out of the office or away from your desk. Create and manage conference calls right from your mobile device with just a click. Extend presence and instant messaging capabilities to your mobile device, so you can see who’s available and instantly contact them through IM.
  • Roam the office/warehouse – With an Avaya wireless IP phone (purchased separately), staff can roam throughout the building or campus and stay completely accessible, as though at their desk.
  • Easy access to messages – All messages – voicemail, email, faxes – appear in a single inbox on the PC for fast, efficient message retrieval. Hear and reply to email messages over the phone – no need for a laptop or smartphone. Use visual voicemail so you can prioritize messages based on importance.


  • Enhanced customer service – Mobile sales and service staff stay connected and responsive to customers regardless of where they are.
  • Increased productivity – Access to people, messages and information help mobile employees deliver whether in or out of the office.
  • Increased customer knowledge – All calls that go through IP Office can be tracked and monitored to capture data on customer interactions.
  • Reduced costs – Calls that are routed through IP Office take advantage of business calling plans, which can significantly reduce overall calling costs.

Read more - get a PDF for IP Office Mobile Worker Preferred

IP Office - Teleworker

Full-time Remote Worker Productivity


IP Office Teleworker provides small businesses with powerful communications tools to enable home and remote workers to be just as accessible and responsive as employees who work in the office. 

Available with IP Office Preferred Edition and Advanced Edition, Teleworker allows small businesses to expand their labor pool by enabling people to work remotely – wherever that may be – with the full array of office phone capabilities. 


  • Point-and-click call handling – The intuitive and easy-to-use browser- based interface makes call handling a snap. Click to dial, transfer, hold, conference, and more. Access hundreds of speed dial entries. Integrate desktop calling and communications capabilities with applications such as Microsoft® Outlook and Salesforce.com®.
  • Cost-effective communications – Connecting through a VPN allows remote workers’ phone expenses to be reduced or even eliminated. Streamline real estate and facilities costs by hiring full-time remote workers.
  • Easily manage a dispersed workforce – Presence features allow remote workers and their office counterparts to “see” each other’s status: who’s on the phone, away from their desk, busy, etc. Record, archive and replay calls for monitoring and training purposes.
  • Expand your labor pool – Hire the right employees whether they live down the block, across the country or on the other side of the world; Teleworker seamlessly connects them to your network so they are virtually “in the office”.


  • Reduce expenses – Eliminate variable phone expenses for remote workers, and even reduce real estate leasing and facilities costs.
  • Strengthen your workforce – Hire the right people, regardless of where they live. Teleworker helps you grow your business with the most qualified people.
  • Ensure Productivity & Professionalism – If VPN connectivity is lost or bandwidth compromised, employees won’t miss important calls. With Teleworker, they simply leverage their PC interface and home or wireless phones to stay connected.
  • Increase productivity – Reduce or eliminate commute times. Expand business hours by hiring remote workers in different time zones.

Read more - get a PDF for IP Office Teleworker

IP Office - Office Worker

Maximize Productivity Throughout the Office


Associates who are always working in the main office require a unique set of communications tools to ensure they can be as productive as possible at all times. Available with IP Office Preferred Edition and Advanced Edition, the web browser-based Office Worker solution for IP Office is a single, intuitive PC interface that puts powerful communications tools at your fingertips.

Get things done quickly and efficiently – make decisions, answer questions, convey critical and timely information – without leaving your desk. Send and receive instant messages. Manage audio conferences with the click of a button. Check status of co-workers right on your PC screen. Click to speed dial. Access all your messages – voice, fax, email – from a single, easy-to-use interface.


  • Control calls from your PC – With just a click, you can access dozens of speed dial entries, transfer calls and conference in colleagues. It’s simple, fast, and an extremely efficient way to manage high call volumes.
  • Efficiently manage all messages – With its built-in unified messaging, Office Worker allows you to handle all your messages from one place on your PC. See voice mail messages alongside emails and faxes and respond to the high priority ones first.
  • Manage audio conferences – Simplify how you create, access, and manage audio conferences so employees make better use of this productivity enhancing tool. IP Office’s built-in conferencing bridge can provide significant cost savings, too.
  • Presence and instant messaging – Always know the status of co-workers or your most important external contacts by “seeing” what they’re doing right on your PC screen. Send instant messages to your associates or contacts to improve response times and speed decision-making.


  • Improved productivity – Stay connected, responsive and productive; quickly and easily share ideas, provide direction and deliver on commitments.
  • Increased responsiveness – Being accessible and responsive to customers and colleagues is always critical; with Office Worker, employees have the tools to quickly reach and be reached.
  • Easy deployment – With its web browser based application interface, Office Worker is quickly and efficiently deployed to users throughout the office; its intuitive interface can be quickly mastered

Read more - get a PDF for IP Office Office Worker

IP Office - Power User

Stay Connected and Productive – Anywhere


The ultimate in communications accessibility, IP Office Power User enables executives and managers to be as productive as possible in virtually any circumstances. Whether in the office, down the hall, at home, or on the road, Power User lets key personnel always be responsive to customers and colleagues. 

Armed with a laptop and any phone, Power User software (in conjunction with IP Office Preferred Edition and Advanced Edition), unifies communications to help ensure the most important staff are working at the highest levels of productivity and efficiency at all times.


  • Manage your office from your mobile device – Provide customers and others with just your office phone number and have all calls ring simultaneously on any other phone (mobile, remote office, home), eliminating missed calls when out of the office or away from your desk. Create and manage conference calls right from your mobile device with just a click. Extend presence and instant messaging capabilities to your mobile device, so you can see who’s available and instantly contact them through IM.
  • Control calls from any phone – With just a laptop and Internet connection, any phone can become an office phone, with the full complement of features and capabilities delivered via an easy-to-use PC interface.
  • Turn a laptop into a phone – With Power User, a laptop, headset and Internet connection can reduce or eliminate calling fees and help people stay connected. Make and receive personal video calls to another Power User or Teleworker on the network. Email text-to-speech – Receive important email messages without access to a laptop or smartphone by having them read over the phone with advanced text-to-speech capability.
  • Unified messaging – All messages – voicemail, email, faxes – appear in a single inbox on the PC for fast, efficient access to information. Synchronization keeps all mailboxes up-to- date. Access all messages via a web-browser.
  • Message notification – Automatically receive notification of new messages and access them via any phone, respond to messages and more.
  • Host conference calls – Set up regular, secure “meet-me”, dial in conferences, or host them “on the fly”. With 128-party conferencing built-in (with up to 64-parties per conference), IP Office enables cost-effective collaboration.


  • Non-stop productivity – Stay connected, responsive and productive under just about any circumstances – sharing ideas, providing direction and delivering on commitments.
  • Increased responsiveness – Being accessible and responsive to customers and colleagues is critical, and with Power User key executives are available anytime, anywhere.
  • Improved bottom line – Faster decisions and better customer service often translate into greater revenue generation and a more attractive bottom line.
  • Reduced costs – Built-in features (such as conferencing) help reduce ongoing costs while delivering powerful new capabilities that differentiate the small business.

Read more - get a PDF for IP Office Power User

IP Office - Receptionist

Efficient and Professional Call Handling


Receptionists can handle dozens, even hundreds of calls daily, so it’s easy to see how important it is to deploy a phone application that allows for efficient call handling. IP Office Receptionist offers a visual display of incoming calls and call status throughout the business on an easy-to-use PC interface. With visual access to everyone’s phone status – who’s busy, on the phone, away from their desk – receptionists can route calls quickly and accurately with a mouse click.

Receptionist is a powerful application that allows a single operator to manage calls for single site offices and even multiple locations to ensure prompt and professional handling of all calls.


  • Fast, accurate call handling – With its intuitive PC interface Receptionist allows for convenient click-and-drag call handling that helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the operator, even with large call volumes.
  • Visual call status – Receptions can see the status and availability of all associates on the network – who’s on the phone, away from their desk, not to be disturbed, etc. – helping with speed and accuracy of call routing.
  • Centralized call management – With Receptionist, a single operator can handle calls for multiple offices – transferring calls between locations, adding people to conferences, managing voicemail messages for associates. The result: streamlined operations, consistency of service and cost savings.
  • Call handling for multiple businesses – When an operator manages calls for multiple businesses (for example, in a shared office environment), Receptionist enables the operator to quickly and accurately identify callers, greet them appropriately, and route calls to the right business. Sharing the receptionist resource reduces costs.


  • Streamline operations – Handle large call volumes with just a single receptionist, in standalone or multi-site environments; use a single operator to manage calls for multiple businesses
  • Provide professional service to callers – Easy-to-use interface means receptionists can see the status of users on the network to quickly and accurately route calls to the right people

Read more - get a PDF for IP Office Receptionist

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