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Nationwide Sales and Service of Business Telephone Systems

IP Office Techs is proud to represent the following companies in our solutions:

Avaya / IP Office

Major provider of phone systems and phones for over 20 years, our main line of systems, can do digital and VoIP phones.

Nortel / Norstar / Meridian

We still support Nortel and are experts in programming and troubleshooting these solid systems.

Sangoma / FreePBX

Our platform of choice for lower cost VoIP Asterisk based phone systems - without sacrificing on quality and features. Lifelike HD sound, color displays, and extensive routing including call queuing. Sangoma has taken on in 2015 the stewardship of the Asterisk open source based FreePBX platform, they manufacture phones and peripherals such as Digium does. Their new line of phones integrate tightly with FreePBX and are a promising new player in the Global Communications field.

Aastra / Mitel

Now purchased by Mitel, Aastra/Mitel phones are solid have a good feel and sound great too. They are used in out FreePBX Asterisk based installations.


Digium is the leader in peripherals for Asterisk based systems such as line and analog phone intergfaces that plug into standard unix based communications systems.


Grandstream manufactuers forward thinking VoIP phones and peripherals for the communications industry.


Polycom makes beautiful VoIP phones and many companies have adopted their phones into their Asterisk system. Polycom has a long establised precense in the conference phone market as pioneered the starfish styled conference phone which is the benchmark for craftmanship and great sound.  They continue to make conference phones along with the latest in VoIP phones.



Dinstar, a medium sized company in China manufactures solid VoIP peripherals, but does not yet have a solid precense in the US. 


Xima makes call recording and accounting systems which tie seamlessly into the IP Office.  A fantastic add-on to any Avaya IP Office system!


DuVoice makes Hotel Management Applications that bridge the gap seamlessly between IP Office and a Property Management System (PMS).


Flowroute is a SIP Trunk Provider


Voip.ms is a SIP Trunk Provider

Time Warner Cable - Spectrum

Supplier of Cable TV and Fiber based Internet and Phone Services.

Comcast Business Class

Supplier of Cable TV and Fiber based Internet and Phone Services.

Earthlink Business

Supplier of Cable TV and Fiber based Internet and Phone Services.


Manufacturer of system boards for PCs and Servers


Manufacturer of Power over Ethernet switches


Manufacturer of Power over Ethernet switches


Manufacturer of Power over Ethernet switches

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We can service all Avaya IP Office Systems, no matter who has installed it.  We can tidy up the programming, repair or replace parts, troubleshoot phone company issues, set up features you did not know existed, and all done quickly at a reasonable rate. Fill out our form or call us at 414.431-4777.

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Since 2017, we have complete sets of videos that mirror our in-person training classes.  Visit the page here.

IP Office Server Edition

Not only do we sell and support it, we live it.  Our office runs on Server Edition. This server based platform is designed for the new world of VoIP telephony and interconnected sites. It is managed from a single menu-driven  console with seamless connections between sites.  And did we forget to mention collaboration?  


We Now Sell and Support Mitel VoIP Phone Systems!

Call us to get a quote or service for your Mitel 5000 or MiVoice 50 System.

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When you ask us to provide a quote we can prepare two or three different quotes for any budget requirements. 

We'll quote on a new system, using all-new components and phones or a combination of new and gently used off-lease components. Off-lease phones are fully upgradable to the newest relase IP Office and  provide a very affordable system package.

If you have an older Nortel or Norstar system we can suggest upgrades to your existing system. You can even use your Nortel phones on a new or off-lease Avaya IP Office!  

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