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We feel your time is valuble and know it is difficult to decide on a phone system brand and installation company.  For that reason, we offer you three, and sometimes four choices to use as starting points in your journey to choose a new phone system for your company. 

We quote the best of breed phones, for three different systems, which represent three distinct price ranges.  We quote on the following:

  • A new Avaya IP Office System - more info- more info
  • An new open-source Voice over IP System (VoIP) - more info
  • A recently off-lease Avaya IP Office Phone System - more info
  • An upgrade to your currently installed Avaya or Nortel System - more info - more info

We will also provide you with information on connecting Voice over IP Phone lines (SIP trunks) to any of the above choices, which can provide you substantial savings on long distance and international calls. 

Our detailed quotes have line item descriptions and cost, so you can add or delete items and get a good idea what your system will cost after adjustments.  Furthermore, we provide photos of the phones in a handy page attached to your quote called the "Chooser". It also shows you other phones that can be used with the system quoted. And lastly we provide links to our YouTube videos showing these phones in action.

In the Milwaukee Metro and most of Wisconsin, we can come out and demo our systems, showing you the value and features that can help make your new phone system shine, while getting to know you and your companies needs. This will help us to better quote you on a system fine tuned to your operations.  We'll also provide suggestions on features you may not know about to help streamline communications even more.  Receptionists love us since we place a high priority on making them more efficient and informed about the status of other phone users in their company. 

Please call us today to setup an appointment to talk to one of our reps or for us to come out. We are waiting for your call and will pick up our phone right away!

Click on the following guides in PDF format to hand out to the decision makers in your company:

IP Office System (new)

New Voice over IP System (VoIP)

IP Office System (off lease)

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We can service all Avaya IP Office Systems, no matter who has installed it.  We can tidy up the programming, repair or replace parts, troubleshoot phone company issues, set up features you did not know existed, and all done quickly at a reasonable rate. Fill out our form or call us at 414.431-4777.

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When you ask us to provide a quote we can prepare two or three different quotes for any budget requirements.  

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