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Plantronics SupraPlus Headset Series

The Plantronics SupraPlus telephone headset family has been trusted by enterprises around the world and for years, and continues to set the standard for durable, lightweight corded headsets, designed for contact center and office professionals. Back by Plantronics heritage in headset design, SupraPlus expands on the classic corded headset style and functionality, incorporating new features, such as improved sound quality, enhanced stability and an updated, stylish design. 

Plantronics SupraPlus Series Brochure

Plantronics SupraPlus Family User Guide

Plantronics SupraPlus Wideband Headset

Plantronics H251N SupraPlus Noise-Canceling 

The Plantronics H251N SupraPlus headset brings new standards in all-day comfort and reliability to telephone professionals. Enhanced receive-side audio quality, intelligent flexible boom and stylish design provide greater headset flexibility. 

Like New: $53.31

New: $81.66

Plantronics HW251N SupraPlus Wideband Noise-Canceling 

The Plantronics HW251N Headset has wideband audio for more natural sound with wideband telephones. The Plantronics HW251N has the highest level of performancw for wideband VoIP communications, and premium audio ensures quality customer communications. The Plantronics HW251N has a noise-canceling microphone for reduced background noises. The HW251N Headset has a comfortable design even for intensive all-day use, and the over-the-head design is built for all-day comfort.

Like New: $57.36

New: $81.66

Plantonics HW251 SupraPlus Wideband 

Working with the latest in wideband VoIP technology, the Plantronics HW251 SupraPlus Wideband headset delivers the highest level of audio performance even in noisy environments. The SupraPlus Wideband helps overcome the challenges posed by traditional technology, delivering heightened speech clarity and life-like fidelity.

Like New: $52.65

Plantronics HW261N SupraPlus Wideband

New: $99.90

Like New: $66.15

Plantronics HW261 SupraPlus Wideband

New: $97.18

Plantronics EncorePro Headset Series

Whether you work in a busy office or customer service center, the stakes are high with every call. Introducing the Plantonics EncorePro 500 headset series- designed to give your team the quality, power and confidence to perform-every time. The all-day comfort, reliability, and durability our EncorePro Family is known for, with the addition of built-in call control. The EncorePro 500 Series is ready for every call because every call matters.

EncorePro HW500 Series

Plantronics HW510 EncorePro Wideband Headset

The Plantronics HW510 is the next generation of Plantronics' most popular over-the-head monaural headset. Completely re-imagined for the demands of the modern customer service center and office. The Plantronics HW510 has soft ear cushions for all-day wearing comfort, metal joints that deliver durability and reliability and a flexible mic with visual and tactile positioning guides for precise positioning and clearer conversations.

New: $85.86

Plantronics HW540 EncorePro Wideband Headset

The Plantronics HW540 is a quantum leap in convertible headset design. It's a 3-in-1 headset without compromise - all of the wearing styles are designed with quality and comfort in mind, in a system that is simple to convert but delivers a secure, positive fit and finish. The HW540 shares the advances of the other members of the new family, with high-quality audio, a flexible microphone with visual positioning guides, soft ear cushions, and durable yet lightweight materials for all-day wearing. 

New: $97.20

Plantronics HW530 EncorePro Wideband Headset

The Plantronics HW530 is the lightest headset in its class and delivers high-quality audio, a flexible microphone with visual positioning guides, soft ear cushions, and lightweight materials for all-day wearing in a durable over-the-ear style. It's an ideal choice for customer service and busy office environments where you need a headset that's easy to put on and take off.

New: $89.10

HW520 EncorePro Wideband

New: $102.06

Blending luxurious comfort with superior audio clarity and sleek, polished looks, the Plantronics EncorePro headset delivers unprecedented style and performance to contact center professionals. The EncorePro is built with premium lightweight nylon composite materials providing an ultra-lightweight design and taking comfort to a new level. 

EncorePro 700 Series

Plantonics Encore Pro Headset

Plantronics HW710 EncorePro Wideband Headset

The Plantronics HW710 is part of Plantronics highest performing headset line. Its distinctive design is slim and stylish with an elegant satin finish. The HW710 features featherwieght materials and leatherette earpads ensure luxurious comfort, while its unique curved, telescoping microphone and pivoting boom deliever crystal-clear, private conversations. 

New: $107.98

Plantronics HW720 EncorePro Wideband Headset

The Plantronics HW720 is part of Plantronics highest performing headset line. The Plantronics HW720 has the plush ear cushions and preminum lightweight materials which provide hours of comfortable wear. Along with the leatherette ear cushion and adjustable headset. High-frequency wideband support ensures crystal clarity during customer conversations. 

New: $126.88

Plantronics Voyager Series 

The Plantronics Voyager Series with Intelligent Indicator technological innovation redefines hands-free advantage. The Plantronics Voyager Series features award-winning audio quality, disturbance termination, and three levels of wind disturbance decrease technological innovation to ensure that your speech is heard clearly regardless of where you are. 

Plantronics Voyager Legend UC

The Plantronics Voyager Legend UC is a wireless bluetooth headset that meets the demands of mobile professionals like never before, with connectivity to PC, smartphone or tablet. Smart sensor technology anticipates your needs, voice alrets keep you informed and voice commands keep you in charge. A portable case and desktop stand are included for anywhere charging, while percision-tuned triple mics cancel noise and wind. 

New: $175.48

Voyager Legend UC Brochure

Voyager Legend UC User Guide

Plantronics Voyager Edge UC

The Plantronics Voyager Edge UC is a bluetooth headset that seamlessly connects to your smartphone, tablet, and PC. It features a lightweight design that fits quickly and comfortably in your ear. Precision-tuned triple mics cancels noise and wind, responsive features keep you moving, and the portable charging case powers your conversations. With smart sensor technology and intuitive call management, Voyager Edge UC works hard to make things easy.

New: $215.98

Voyager Edge UC Brochure

Voyager Edge UC User Guide

Plantronics Voyager Legend CS

The Plantronics Voyager Legend CS is designed to move with you throughout your day. Its intuitive smart sensor technology lets you answer calls simply by placing it on your ear, and you can always count on crystal clear audio with noise canceling technology that blocks out nearby voices, car horns, even wind. Connect to your desk phone. Connect to your mobile. Work better on both.

New: $229.48

Voyager Legend CS Brochure

Voyager Legend CS User Guide

Plantronics Voyager Focus UC

The Plantronics Voyager Focus UC is an immersive stereo bluetooth headset that offers seamless connectivity to your PC or smartphone and integration with leading UC applications. With up to 98 feet of wireless range, enjoy mobility while calls and music stay crystal clear, whether you're at your desk, in the conference room, or in the kitchen. Enjoy freedom with no less of fidelity.

New: $256.50

Voyager Focus UC Brochure

Voyager Focus UC User Guide

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