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Avaya IP Office Server Edition sets the standard for midsize business communications. Server Edition allows your teams to more effectively engage with each other and your customers. Deliver a wealth of sophisticated collaboration capabilities for your mobile, remote, and office workers. Easily and economically scale to 2,000 users across 32 locations as your business inevitably grows.  Manage and administer your IP Office with the speed and ease offered by a simplified web-based interface with centralized administration and licensing.

For midsize organizations that put a premium on the benefits a rich and powerful communication platform can bring to their Enterprise, IP Office Server Edition is the answer.

System Admin Made Simple

The simplified administration of Server Edition sets it apart. With its intuitive application or web-based interface, system administrators can access accounts for every user in the connected Enterprise, whether for a single site or across up to 32 locations. In addition, with its centralized licensing, Server Edition makes it easy to expand and deploy applications as you grow. Policies for button programming, password useage, system timeouts and more can be pushed to user's extenions across the Enterprise or assigned uniquely to individal sites or even groups of users - all with a single click.  Watch the progress as systems take on these configurations in a multi-bargraph progress window - site by site.  Truly impressive.

Not to be taken lightly, the System Status tool leaves other real time system tools in the dust.  This tool truly helps troubleshoot any Network issues by monitoring in real time or historically network errors such as packet delay, jitter, dropouts and used codecs.  This can be done on an IP Trunk or VoIP phone level.  Similar monitoring is alsio available for PRI phone lines, which help pinpoint where line quality issues reside. The tool is also indespensible for tracing call routing and call center hunt group call distrubution as a call can be tracked in real time which part of the path the call is on and who or what groups phone is ringing.  You can also check a phones statud remotely to see if it is call forward or do not disturn status. Not many systems can do this. One last thing, the system can be prpgrammed to send you emails of certain major alarm events, thus being pro-active so you can address issues before business starts.

Rely On Server Edition

Midsize businesses demand solid reliability; IP Office Server Edition delivers. In the event of an outage, IP phones in active calls stay connected (idle IP phones automatically re-register to an alternate server). Server Edition also backs-up voice messages and greetings in real time. For most businesses, communications and collaboration is mission critical. Rest assured with IP Office Server Edition.

Your Desktop, Your Way

Save valuable time at your desk by embedding Avaya communications in popular and frequently used desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync or salesforce.com. See colleagues’ presence and instant message with them, or simply click to call – all without leaving the app. It saves time and makes for better team and customer engagement.  If you are part of a call center, use the One-X app to monitor the queues you are assigned to and handle all call functions from your desktop. 

Cost Effective Growth

Whether you’re adding new users, an entirely new location, new applications, or increasing capacity, IP Office Server Edition makes it easy, and costeffective.

Low Cost of Ownership

The costs for day-to-day administration for multi-site deployments can quickly add up. The centralized admin and licensing in IP Office Server Edition makes moves, adds, and changes quick, easy and cost-effective.

Non-stop Operation

The built-in failover and resiliency of IP Office Server Edition for both real-time calls and voice messaging helps ensure your business never misses a beat.


Primary Server

  • Provides call control, web portal, web collaboration, mobility, IM and presence, messaging, and centralized licensing in a single server
  • Runs on an Avaya-provided Linux server or a customerprovided virtualized server
Secondary Server
  • Provides same as Primary Server, but provides additional capacity and/or resiliency
Expansion System
  • Provides additional capacity at a remote location
  • Can be an Avaya-provided Linux server, customer-provided virtualized server, or an IP 500 V2 appliance. You will need the IP500 to connect PRI lines, analog trunk lines or phones, digital phones, or external music on hold systems. PA systems are also more easily interfaced with the IP 500 V2 appliance.


  • Up to 2,000 users at a single site or across 32 locations 
  • Up to 512 SIP trunk channels per Primary/Secondary server
  • Up to 256 SIP trunk channels per Expansion System
  • Trunks with IP 500 V2 - 148 H.323, 240 digital, 208 analog
    trunks (not simultaneously)
  • Up to 150 Voice Messaging ports
  • 256 audio conferencing ports per server


Avaya one-X® Mobile Preferred Application

  • Simplified call control – tap to call, tap to conference
  • Make calls using cellular, WiFi, or 3G/4G networksIM, presence, and directory access keeps you connected
  • Single click to administer. Single click for end user to install
  • and configure
  • Supported on Android and Apple iOS devices

Conference Features

  • 256 party conference bridge per primary or secondary server. (up to 256 parties on a single conference)
  • Unique PIN codes helps ensure security for conference calls
  • Conference entry/exit tones
  • Web collaboration for document and screen sharing with local and remote participants (requires additional license)
  • Conference call recording 
  • Conference Call control (Available with IP Office Power User and IP Office Office Worker solutions) 
  • Integrated scheduling application

Avaya Communicator for Web

  • Access to collaboration tools from within cloud based applications (SFDC, Office 365, Salesforce,  etc)
  • Multi-party audio/video 
  • IM and presence
  • Text and multimedia messaging
  • Content sharing

Avaya one-X Portal for IP Office

  • Point and Click call control
  • Federated IM and Presence
  • Integrated Directory
  • Moderator controls for conference calls

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